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Buy now your telegram channel members! THIS IS NOT TELEGRAM GROUP MEMBERS! and this members are 100% real only is not targeted on specifics like for Bitcoin Members of Adult Members.


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      Getting members to your telegram channel


Broadcasting messages has certainly made our lives easier. We can a message to our broadcast listed contacts with a single click in a matter of few seconds. Various apps now a days offer broadcasting messages such as Telegram, Whatsapp, Messenger and etc. while whatsapp and messenger broadcasts messages to your few selected contacts, Telegram has taken a bigger approach.

Telegram is an instant messaging app founded by a prosperous Russian business tycoon named as Pavel Durov. The app is accessible on android, IOS, windows phone, Windows NT, macOS and as well as Linux. On Telegram, Telegram Channels can be made to broadcast messages to unlimited number of people. Channels can be overtly available with a code name and a permanent URL so the link can be sent externally and members will be able to join it easily in no more than a few minutes. Users who join a channel can see the message thread, even those messages which were sent before they joined it. Channels replace the old Broadcast lists and are better in all the ways. Each and every message has its own view counter, that shows how many users have seen the message, obliging for checking on if your client has seen the message or not. Users can join and leave channels at any time they wish to.

Channels can be of different niches such as a channel that broadcasts messages of sports, health, crypto currency, businesses and etc. Members can join in the channels and view all the news. A new channel has to struggle with all the knees and toes to survive and thrive in already famous milions of channels on Telegram. There is a far greater number of dead channels than the famous ones, due to lack of members. When the messages are not being reached by the amount of people the broadcaster need to send, he gets disheartened and stop working on the channel. But you do not need to worry about that anymore, since 24/7 telegram members offers a way to give you Telegram channel members.

We will provide you with 100% real Telegram channel members however they won’t be targeted. But still you will have an audience to look forward to. By time, you will gain targeted members as well. You can buy Telegram channel members (not targeted) from here!

We offer rates that are cheap and can be affordable by an average person who at first doesn’t have enough budget to invest in a new telegram channel. We offer a variety of ways for payment so you don’t have to worry about not being able to pay with a specific provider. You can buy Telegram channel members (not targeted) using Paypal, Manymorecoins, Bitcoins, Litecoins, Perfect money and Coinpayments,

Our service is available 24/7 as suggested by our website name. We also have an online chat box available at bottom right corner, you can feel free to ask any questions you have in your mind.

We wish you luck with you channel.

Happy Telegramming.



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